My Room by the Sea

If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.

Few weeks ago I entered my drawing for a contest on Instagram. The challenge was to draw something inspired by your role model.

(Instagram: @riyadani)

I went with Edward Hopper. (And Seventeen)

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The Best day of my Life

We don’t think about “The Best day of my Life” very frequently, we probably think more about the “The worst day of my Life” for sure. So when I was asked to write on “The Best day of my Life” (In 500 words) I went “Huh, when was the best day of my life?” I couldn’t think of anything for quite some time and that feeling reminded me of school days when we were asked to write an essay on “My Pet”. I had no pet. I didn’t mean I have no best day, I just couldn’t think of anything!

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