And the Rain Falls

Lying on the bed,

Eyes outside the window

And Mind miles away.

Seeing the rain fall,

The distant pitter and patter.

Lying on the bed,

Hand in hair.

Thoughts there and everywhere.

The season is rubbing off on me.

The monsoon is outside

And on my mind

As clock ticks and tocks,

The grey season makes me blue.

And I lie on my bed.


The Block

My last attempt to write anything here was in September of last year and that piece of writing is untitled and collecting virtual dust in drafts.

I have mentioned my woes with facing blogging blocks on so many occasions before and this has almost become a habit now. To log into WordPress, check stats, check other bloggers and then move on to Pinterest in search of “Inspiration” and “Ideas”.

I have enough of that, I am by no means out of ideas and thoughts which I can put out here and I also have enough time at hand to maintain a steady active blog.

What I am out of are words. I am out of the art of putting my thoughts into words and I am out of the habit of doing so.

I write, I write a lot. But what I write is few pages long answers and assignments and Journals. Nothing that seems to have meaning when it comes down to things that actually matter to me.

For this post, I’ll try my best to keep it away from the abyss of drafts folder and publish it once I run out of thoughts on this topic. Which seems to be soon.

I have made promises of updating regularly and writing frequently to people but not this time. Not today.

Today I promise (more like plead to) myself that I’ll form a habit of doing what matters to me. Writing, Drawing and making notes. Though I would not bore you with the latter.


So to all my new subscribers and to people who had once subscribed/followed me but now have forgotten about this blog, I will be back soon.

Hopefully with things which won’t convince you to unfollow me.

So, until then, have a good time.