The Madness Within

I’m running low on Serotonin,

At my Death

let me not catch you moaning.

Looking for happiness

where it doesn’t belong.

It has been so quite,

It has been so long.

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Why is a Bra called ‘Bra’ when it clearly is a ‘Booby Trap’ ?

Let’s Get Real

I have always been inclined to more semi-realistic/ realistic drawings.

I have been drawing all my life. Not with an intention of making it big or for proving that I can draw. I draw for myself and I love doing it. If you have read through my previous posts or if you have read my bio you probably are aware that I am a self-taught artist (that is something I take pride in) and it is probably because I am self-taught that I have always focused on more real looking drawings and sketches than styling it.

Anyway, I think I am fairly good when it comes to capturing light or drawing realistic forms. I might not draw the exact copy of the reference picture (and I am cool with it but I do need to train my observational skills) but it sure looks as real enough.

I am such a show off 😎😉

I am writing this post to show three of my favourite “realistic” digital artworks.

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Review: Healer (힐러)

This review is Spoiler Free.

If there are some Korean terms in this blogpost which you don’t understand I have added explanations for few of those terms at the end of the post. If you want to know more about anything I have mentioned in this post or if I missed explanation for any of the terms please leave a comment.  I will get back to you asap!

Hey people/ person/ Bot?

So yesterday I decided I wanted to write reviews about stuff I have watched and stuff I have read. Because why not? I have a freaking blog to do whatever.

So today I am going to review…. Healer.

Healer or Hilleo (힐러)  is a Korean drama which was aired in the winter of 2014. (That’s years ago, wow. )

Recently my friend, Ajumma A, suggested I watch this series because KBS decided to upload all the episodes with captions in multiple languages on YouTube (Bless them!). Did someone just say free Kdrama? Well, here I am!

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And the Rain Falls

Lying on the bed,

Eyes outside the window

And Mind miles away.

Seeing the rain fall,

The distant pitter and patter.

Lying on the bed,

Hand in hair.

Thoughts there and everywhere.

The season is rubbing off on me.

The monsoon is outside

And on my mind

As clock ticks and tocks,

The grey season makes me blue.

And I lie on my bed.

The world is not a wish-granting factory

Today I picked up The fault in our Stars and began reading it from a random page. As I was reading, I imagined myself in the characters’ position, as you do.  I imagined what it would be like to have a disease which kills you not only physically but also mentally. What it would be like to be a Grenade as Hazel puts it in the book.

It would be heartbreaking and scary, no doubt about it and I am not one of those weirdos who wish to be Hazel Grace because it’s oh so romantic. But I still imagine what I would do if I come to know today that my days are numbered.

And thus began my mental checklist of what I would do and what I should do if I have few months of life left. Midway through this discussion I asked myself, “Why don’t I do these things now? Why do I have to wait for a deadline before I start doing things I want to?”

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