The House H(a)unting

Hello! Happy Halloween!
I wrote the following story some time last month and it feels appropriate to post it here for Halloween. This flash fiction was inspired by a prompt my cousin suggested, “A story set in a dystopia/AU where living with ghosts is a norm/common”
I hope you enjoy it!


Refer the glossary present at the end of the story for the meaning and explanation of the terms marked with an (*) asterisk


Moving is always difficult. There are always so many things to pack. So many things to be left behind. Finding a decent living space is even more difficult when you are a college student living on minimal wage.

I lived in a dorm until last semester and you can probably imagine what it was like. Paper-thin walls and late night parties on the night before exams. Which was generally followed by drunken accidents and fights (that is how I got my broken nose). Let us also not forget the heating that rarely worked or the questionable stains on the furniture… you catch my drift, right?

The apartment complex was an old structure and hence it came as no surprise to me that it was haunted by a few ghosts.

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A Very Merry Christmas!

It’s christmas tomorrow! and if you are lazy like me and need a quick idea for a very festive christmas card, here it is!

Mindscape Diary

Hello there!

How have you been? How was your Christmas?

Huh, I guess I am pretty late. Its New Year’s eve.


Here is a card I made earlier this week for Christmas.

It’s called “Merry Christmas” (of course) and I have done something very special with it.

I haven’t used any stamps or colours but instead combined my two hobbies, Stitching and Card making, in this new technique…

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Board exam time! Stress time! Here is a bit of what I did during my boards and what you should NOT do!

Mindscape Diary

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel like a stranger?
Like a fish out of water,
Like a teardrop in a loud laughter,
Like love in a heart of a hater!

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel lost?
Like a drop in the ocean,
Like a needle in a haystack,
Lost… that you don’t know white from black!
Like walking straight in a destination,
When you know there is no way to go back!

Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel so confused?
That you don’t know, 
when you’re treated nicely
And when you are abused!
Have you ever felt so much low?
And you don’t know what to do or where to go?
When you see all the doors around you are locked and closed!

Have you ever wondered how is it like to be in a non-stop stress?

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Welcome to my blog, Mindscape Diary!

Mindscape: A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination

Hello stranger!

This blog is a glimpse of my world.
My thoughts, my views, ideas and stories with a sprinkle of art here and there!
Currently, I am doing Masters’ in Botany while juggling my many interests and hobbies.
I am quite average in most aspects. A twenty something, obsessed with fantasy and fiction. Harry Potter is my life line. Anime, Manga and asian dramas are my drugs.
I am a language fanatic (My goal is to be a polyglot) with deep love for all things “Art” (Drawing, paintings, movies, music) but to be honest, I am too distracted to stick to one thing which makes me a classic case of “Jack of all trades but Master of none.”
I dunno when I am gonna update this post again, but currently I am obsessed with:
Harry Potter (That is my forever)
Anime and Manga (Also forever)
Korean (and other Asian) dramas
K-Pop (SEVENTEEN is love)
80’s J-Pop
and Other Oldies from other languages
Jazz Covers (Just getting into it)
Twenty-one Pilots (All time fav)
BL series (Yes, yes. You can judge my Fujoshi heart)
Volleyball! (Thanks to Haikyuu! but honestly Volleyball is such an amazing sport.)
I enjoy discussing Politics, Art, Economy, Society and Religion, and Environment. But I rarely come across people who are actually interested in these topics instead of who-did-what.
Ohh, I am so cultured. ( :p )
I am open to new interests so if you are reading this for whatever reason, feel free to suggest things you think I should try out.
Also, I don’t think anybody is ever gonna read this post, so I’ll take a risk.
I am Bisexual (Shhh! Don’t out me.)
LMAO this sounds so childish, now I really hope no one reads this.
You can also email me or leave a comment.
Contrary to what people I know irl believe, I enjoy talking to new people so please do text me even if you just want to be a Grammar Nazi (which I am cool with)
Either way, have a great day. I hope you enjoyed your stay here, in my Mindscape.