Just Keep Going On

My last semester at the college is over and I am doing what many may call “wasting time“.

I wake up late every morning, skip breakfast and have my lunch. Snacks in the evening and then skip dinner. Then I go to sleep in the early hours of the next day.

The time in between is occupied by YouTube, Kdrama, Anime, Manga or mindless internet surfing.

I wake up in pyjamas and change into pyjamas. I haven’t stepped out of the house in over a week. If you call me now, there is a strong 92% chance of me putting my cell phone on silent and waiting till you stop calling me. If you text me right now, I may read your text later. After a week? Given the current state, probably a month or maybe just mark it as ‘read‘. I currently have 42 unread messages on WhatsApp, I haven’t checked messenger or instant messaging yet so dunno about that. I just deleted 144 emails without reading. Which I probably shouldn’t have done.

If you are reading this, it means that I have finally uploaded a post here after a year-long hiatus. But in my defence, it was my last year at college and I needed to study. But again, I didn’t do that either.

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I Would Rather Be…

As a college student, it isn’t surprising that I am almost always sleep deprived.

On one such night when I was in a semi-conscious state, floating amongst the clouds and worrying about my future that I suddenly said to myself, “I know what I want to be! I will be a plant. This is perfect” and believe me when I say this, I was genuinely relieved and happy for two whole seconds before I came to my senses by the sad realisation that I can never be a plant, and that I’ll probably die if I don’t sleep.


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This Post Is Pointless

Hello Mindscapers!

It’s been exactly a month since my last post and also a month since my promise to myself to post daily. A promise which I obviously broke.


But better late than never, right?

I am back with a work I did months ago and I am very proud of.

I, in general am not a huge fan of my work. I never seem to reach my expectations and mess up a lot too esp. while working with paints so, when I end up making something good it’s a surprise for me.


Months ago, on my aunt’s request who has been a driving force for my art and crafts work, I drew my baby cousin’s portrait.


The medium I used was mediocre HP pencils on Printer paper. and this was the outcome…


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Finding Heaven

Hello Human, Alien, Cyborg or whatever you identify yourself as.

Usually, I really try (and generally succeed) avoiding getting lost in thoughts about universe, future, afterlife and blah blah because it hurts my brain and makes me cry at times.

Like today, I planned a dozen things but ended up feeling sorry for myself and trying hard not to bawl my eyes out.


I dunno, don’t ask me.

But after binge watching Supernatural the whole day, I decided on writing down my latest conversation with myself so that I can look down at this post later someday  and have a major cringe fest.

(Hi Riya of future. Ssup?)

(Good thing that this blog has like zero views, will save me some embarrassment.)


You still here with me?

Good, moving on.

Yesterday, me and my good friend(?) were having a convo on some random topic and we ended up discussing our ideas on heaven.

This is how our conversation went,

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