Wish You Were Here…

Hello, Mindscapers…

Down with a headache, so will keep it short.

The Wi-fi is crappy too, wow.

This post is for a card, titled “Wish You Were Here..”

Wih you wer here

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Tear In My Heart

Sometimes you gotta bleed to know
That you’re alive and have a soul
But it takes someone to come around
To show you how

She’s the tear in my heart
I’m alive
She’s the tear in my heart
I’m on fire
She’s the tear in my heart
Take me higher
Than I’ve ever been

~ Twenty One Pilots |-/

Not only am I singing along this song right now, the card presented in this post was also very much inspired by this wonderful song by Twenty One Pilot.

Here, You can sing along too.

Anyway, enough fangirling. You probably are not here to read me babble about my favourite band. So presenting my card (more like a fan art) with the same title and sentiment as the song, Tear in my Heart.


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Finding Heaven

Hello Human, Alien, Cyborg or whatever you identify yourself as.

Usually, I really try (and generally succeed) avoiding getting lost in thoughts about universe, future, afterlife and blah blah because it hurts my brain and makes me cry at times.

Like today, I planned a dozen things but ended up feeling sorry for myself and trying hard not to bawl my eyes out.


I dunno, don’t ask me.

But after binge watching Supernatural the whole day, I decided on writing down my latest conversation with myself so that I can look down at this post later someday  and have a major cringe fest.

(Hi Riya of future. Ssup?)

(Good thing that this blog has like zero views, will save me some embarrassment.)


You still here with me?

Good, moving on.

Yesterday, me and my good friend(?) were having a convo on some random topic and we ended up discussing our ideas on heaven.

This is how our conversation went,

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October Challenge (Part 2)

Hello Mindscaper!

Welcome to Mindscape Diary where I present to you (finally) the part two of The October Challenge.

For part 1 of the October Challenge (which you can view here) I posted 15 drawing and doodles I drew and coloured for the first 15 days of October for this fun colouring challenge by Kathy Rac.


[@/kathyrac (Instagram)] [Blog: The Daily Marker ]

Under the hashtag #thedailymarker30day3


I was very active and posted a project Every. Single. Day.

until the very last four days where I was on a road trip and didn’t get any time or network to post.


But anyhow! Here are the remaining doodles from the October Challenge.

All images are from my Instagram account @/riyadani be sure to check it out!


Here we go…

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October Challenge (Part 1)

Hello Visitor!

How are you?!

October is officially over but my head is still stuck in March.
This year flew by quicker than an electron! ( Which takes less than 18 seconds to get around the globe.)

Anyhow, my last post was almost three months back and that’s crazy! I had my exams and all yeah but I have my Vacations now (kind of) and I am here, procrastinating.

But I have been super active on Instagram and have been passionately posting drawings and colouring projects for this very amazing 30 Day Colouring Challenge by The Daily Marker  (Instagram: @/kathyrac)

I, till date, have never completed any task without rushing or with satisfaction. My room, art journal and computer is full of incomplete projects, drawings and articles. So this time I challenged myself to colour and post something every single day of October. I had it all planned but of course its me so I ended up missing last four days of October! I missed Halloween!

but here are drawing/doodles i did for #thedailymarker30day3

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