For My Mum

Hello there, Mindscapers!

Long time, huh? Sorry, I’ve been kinda lazy.

Okay, really lazy!

Anyway, today is mother’s day! (That is if I manage to post this today)

Few days ago I made this card, inspired by one of the challenges and this card is for my mum.

Damn, I miss her. 😦

Before I start sobbing, let me quickly tell you about this card.

Titled “LOVE you”, this card was so, so fun to make and so quickly too!

Love you

The technique that I’ve used here is masking or stencilling.

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Resisting It!

Hello, Mindscapers!

This week I have been free.

Yeah. Surprise, surprise!

and so I decided on making a card.

As you might know, I browse different crafting blogs for themes and challenges because who doesn’t love a good challenge? and so, I came across this awesome challenge by Simon Says and dude I couldn’t not do it!

The challenge was to use ‘resist technique’.

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A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

How have you been? How was your Christmas?

Huh, I guess I am pretty late. Its New Year’s eve.


Here is a card I made earlier this week for Christmas.

It’s called “Merry Christmas” (of course) and I have done something very special with it.

I haven’t used any stamps or colours but instead combined my two hobbies, Stitching and Card making, in this new technique…

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October Challenge (Part 2)

Hello Mindscaper!

Welcome to Mindscape Diary where I present to you (finally) the part two of The October Challenge.

For part 1 of the October Challenge (which you can view here) I posted 15 drawing and doodles I drew and coloured for the first 15 days of October for this fun colouring challenge by Kathy Rac.


[@/kathyrac (Instagram)] [Blog: The Daily Marker ]

Under the hashtag #thedailymarker30day3


I was very active and posted a project Every. Single. Day.

until the very last four days where I was on a road trip and didn’t get any time or network to post.


But anyhow! Here are the remaining doodles from the October Challenge.

All images are from my Instagram account @/riyadani be sure to check it out!


Here we go…

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October Challenge (Part 1)

Hello Visitor!

How are you?!

October is officially over but my head is still stuck in March.
This year flew by quicker than an electron! ( Which takes less than 18 seconds to get around the globe.)

Anyhow, my last post was almost three months back and that’s crazy! I had my exams and all yeah but I have my Vacations now (kind of) and I am here, procrastinating.

But I have been super active on Instagram and have been passionately posting drawings and colouring projects for this very amazing 30 Day Colouring Challenge by The Daily Marker  (Instagram: @/kathyrac)

I, till date, have never completed any task without rushing or with satisfaction. My room, art journal and computer is full of incomplete projects, drawings and articles. So this time I challenged myself to colour and post something every single day of October. I had it all planned but of course its me so I ended up missing last four days of October! I missed Halloween!

but here are drawing/doodles i did for #thedailymarker30day3

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