About Me


My name is Riya Dani.

Born on 10th day in the month of November, year 1996, I am first child to my parents and elder by four years to my baby brother.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Botany. Besides plants and other life forms existing on earth, I also love Crafting and Arts. (More than love to be honest)

Most of the days I am at college and when I am not you will find me sitting in front of my desk either working on some project or surfing on laptop.

In my free time I like to be on internet, binge watch videos on YouTube, Fangirl over my favorite YouTubers and other OTPs. That’s basically me procrastinating and running away from my responsibilities.

When I am not free, I would be preparing for upcoming tests (on the night before test), Sketching, Drawing, Painting, DIYing, knitting or crocheting and reading.

Me and my Mum have this awesome Shop on Etsy where we make and share the projects that we love doing.


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Thanks a bunch for stopping by!


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