The Madness Within

I’m running low on Serotonin,

At my Death

let me not catch you moaning.

Looking for happiness

where it doesn’t belong.

It has been so quite,

It has been so long.

I just need someone to understand.

But not you, you imbecile!

Go away and stay away.

All you can do is mill.

No one will take to me,

Not even the voices in my Brain.

Shut up! You are being too loud.

You are driving me Insane.

Maybe, I am Insane.

That’s what I’ll ever be.

Hey world! I am Insane.

I’ve been set free.

I don’t feel, I can kill.

I’ll have cookies with some tea.

You know I’m maniac so,

Don’t you dare fuck with me.

I’m out of Serotonin,

But this time it’s not me

It is you groaning.



The Madness Within by Riya Dani

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