Let’s Get Real

I have always been inclined to more semi-realistic/ realistic drawings.

I have been drawing all my life. Not with an intention of making it big or for proving that I can draw. I draw for myself and I love doing it. If you have read through my previous posts or if you have read my bio you probably are aware that I am a self-taught artist (that is something I take pride in) and it is probably because I am self-taught that I have always focused on more real looking drawings and sketches than styling it.

Anyway, I think I am fairly good when it comes to capturing light or drawing realistic forms. I might not draw the exact copy of the reference picture (and I am cool with it but I do need to train my observational skills) but it sure looks as real enough.

I am such a show off πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

I am writing this post to show three of my favourite “realistic” digital artworks.


  1. Freckles (Created on 1st July, 2017)

My very first attempt at Digital Art was on 30th of June, 2017. I had no idea what to do with my graphic tablet and I so downloaded FireAlpaca after reading a few reviews.

girl in cafe(Here it is. My first Digital Artwork)

The next day, I drew this.


I majorly focused on the eye and pretty much ruined the hair but I am so proud of this drawing.

2. The Apple (Photostudy) (Created on 9th September, 2017)

I believe I was watching the live action of Death NoteΒ when they dropped this apple out of no where. I quickly took a screenshot as this apple was asking to be drawn!

This was my very first attempt at ‘Photostudy’ I had never before tried to draw exactly as the reference.


Capturing the light was difficult and very much fun. I remember I hadn’t moved at all in the 5 hours which I took to draw this and when I was finally done with the drawing it was already 0200 in the morning and my body was as stiff as a plank of wood.

But I was so satisfied with this drawing.


3. The Eye (Created on 16th June, 2018)

I actually completed this working over a period of few months. I started of with the drawing with the intent of it being exactly like the reference image but completely forgot about it after getting the basic structure down.

Flash forward few months and I am going through my files when I come across this. I was going through a major art block back then so I decide to complete this just to get things working.

the eye

I finally complete this drawing in June of 2018 after giving up a few times and after a series of half assed sessions.

I kid you not when I say this drawing is a mess. I drew on wrong layers at least 30 times through out this project. I have deleted so many layers just to start from scratch. I gave myself a deadline (which was anniversary of my first digital drawing) to rushed through and finally completed this drawing. Phew!

But it turned out to be decent enough. 😜



If you haven’t noticed, I rarely upload art related posts on my blog (because I am Lazy) but I am fairly active with art on Instagram.

So follow me on Instagram ( @riyadani ) for art related posts.

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That’s pretty much it. Until next time…



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