Let’s Get Real

I have always been inclined to more semi-realistic/ realistic drawings.

I have been drawing all my life. Not with an intention of making it big or for proving that I can draw. I draw for myself and I love doing it. If you have read through my previous posts or if you have read my bio you probably are aware that I am a self-taught artist (that is something I take pride in) and it is probably because I am self-taught that I have always focused on more real looking drawings and sketches than styling it.

Anyway, I think I am fairly good when it comes to capturing light or drawing realistic forms. I might not draw the exact copy of the reference picture (and I am cool with it but I do need to train my observational skills) but it sure looks as real enough.

I am such a show off 😎😉

I am writing this post to show three of my favourite “realistic” digital artworks.

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Review: Healer (힐러)

This review is Spoiler Free.

If there are some Korean terms in this blogpost which you don’t understand I have added explanations for few of those terms at the end of the post. If you want to know more about anything I have mentioned in this post or if I missed explanation for any of the terms please leave a comment.  I will get back to you asap!

Hey people/ person/ Bot?

So yesterday I decided I wanted to write reviews about stuff I have watched and stuff I have read. Because why not? I have a freaking blog to do whatever.

So today I am going to review…. Healer.

Healer or Hilleo (힐러)  is a Korean drama which was aired in the winter of 2014. (That’s years ago, wow. )

Recently my friend, Ajumma A, suggested I watch this series because KBS decided to upload all the episodes with captions in multiple languages on YouTube (Bless them!). Did someone just say free Kdrama? Well, here I am!

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