The Best day of my Life

We don’t think about “The Best day of my Life” very often, we probably think more about the “The worst day of my Life” for sure. So when I was asked to write on “The Best day of my Life” (In 500 words) I went “Huh, when was the best day of my life?” I couldn’t think of anything for quite some time and that feeling reminded me of school days when we were asked to write an essay on “My Pet”. I had no pet.

I don’t mean I have no best day, I just couldn’t think of anything!


I thought what my friends would say. It would certainly involve food and hanging out somewhere, probably a movie, surely meeting old friends. But I knew this won’t work for me.

I am no party animal; I am that animal who loves to snuggle inside a blanket with access to internet. I am an introvert and I love my peace. When I think about it from that perspective, which was my best day? I guess it was yesterday. All I did yesterday was watch anime re-runs, eat and sleep. Yeah, I was happy. But was I my happiest?

Or maybe that day when the Head Of the Department appreciated my event in front of whole freaking department! Was I happy then? Hell, yeah!

Or maybe some other day years ago which I don’t even remember?

Oh I don’t know! What if I forgot my happiest day? Is that even possible? Shouldn’t this topic come easily to me? How do I not know my happiest day?


Maybe, that’s because it hasn’t come yet.


“Life’s short, live it to fullest” they say. And I do exactly that. Finding happiness in smallest of the things is the way to go but at the same time trying to have an even better day tomorrow is more important. After all, you need something to look forward to.

If your life was a book with a page flagged as the happiest day of your life wouldn’t it be disheartening to know that you won’t have a better day after that?

I keep updating my happiest day list with every passing day, with every passing moment and I plan on doing this for a very long time. The best day of my life isn’t here yet, I need to make a better one.

And here is a suggestion to anyone and everyone who is reading my words right now that yes, it is important to have practical goals about career and grades and relationships and weight but don’t forget to keep an emotional goal too, a goal that you will try to be happy today; happier than you were yesterday.

So which was the Best Day of my Life? I can’t tell you because 500 words are almost up and because I don’t know yet.


Hopefully, it hasn’t come yet.




This is the article I had sent in when I was asked to write on “The best day of life” recently in a written interview. I was feeling particularly snarky that day and found the topic a bit too… well, lame to be asked in an interview.

But I loved what I have written because this is who I am. I am sarcastic and rebelious most of the time and this is really how I feel about the topic.

I can not and am not someone who is driven by feelings. One thing that would make me so very, very happy today could end up being just a ‘meh‘ memory tomorrow.

I am sincerely waiting for that one thing which happens to me which will make me just as happy even after a decade.

Until then, I am gonna keep posting dark philosophy and senseless humour. And if you are someone who enjoys such posts click on the blue button on the right to follow!

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So until next time!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. That was awesomely put! ❤


    1. riyadani says:

      Thanks 🙂 Btw, don’t take my example. I didn’t get the job ;p

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Xd No, but I’ve already done something similar in school essays….let’s just say I got lucky with the grades


  3. you know who i am.... not batman says:

    It is inspiring 😄♥️


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