Just Keep Going On

My last semester at the college is over and I am doing what many may call “wasting time“.

I wake up late every morning, skip breakfast and have my lunch. Snacks in the evening and then skip dinner. Then I go to sleep in the early hours of the next day.

The time in between is occupied by YouTube, Kdrama, Anime, Manga or mindless internet surfing.

I wake up in pyjamas and change into pyjamas. I haven’t stepped out of the house in over a week. If you call me now, there is a strong 92% chance of me putting my cell phone on silent and waiting till you stop calling me. If you text me right now, I may read your text later. After a week? Given the current state, probably a month or maybe just mark it as ‘read‘. I currently have 42 unread messages on WhatsApp, I haven’t checked messenger or instant messaging yet so dunno about that. I just deleted 144 emails without reading. Which I probably shouldn’t have done.

If you are reading this, it means that I have finally uploaded a post here after a year-long hiatus. But in my defence, it was my last year at college and I needed to study. But again, I didn’t do that either.

I might have logged into my account here on WordPress a hundred times in the past year only to log off without typing a word. But sometimes I did type. I wrote words, maybe sentences, even paragraphs and now I have six posts saved as drafts and three posts which were moved to trash.

I wonder where this post will end up.

Hey! Are you still there? Aren’t you bored of reading this monotous babble? You must think my life is pathetic. Maybe it is, probably not or surely, it’s just me.

I think it’s best to avoid writing when you are feeling particularly sad or depressed (am I allowed to use that word?) as I am feeling right now, espeacially for others to read. It’s embarassing for me.

Because people I know might read this. They will worry, give me suggestion, ask me to step out, read good books, avoid using cell phone and ‘stop being on internet’ and sleep on time, maybe they might even force me to talk to people (oh god, I hope not!). Also because strangers I might never known may read this and judge me. They might think I live in a horrible environment, surrounded by people who don’t care and that’s not true. Or maybe that I am being an ungrateful person, which could be true. If you, dear stranger, are reading too much into the lines you might even think that I am suicidal or need medical attention. No, not yet.

But what was my point again? Oh yeah, that no matter what life throws at me and you or how boring it gets, it will pass.

All we have to do is Just Keep Going On.


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