I Would Rather Be…

As a college student, it isn’t surprising that I am almost always sleep deprived.

On one such night when I was in a semi-conscious state, floating amongst the clouds and worrying about my future that I suddenly said to myself, “I know what I want to be! I will be a plant. This is perfect” and believe me when I say this, I was genuinely relieved and happy for two whole seconds before I came to my senses by the sad realisation that I can never be a plant, and that I’ll probably die if I don’t sleep.



I have narrated this incident to few people and joked about it. But typing this makes me realise how utterly saddened I was.


Being a plant wasn’t something I had planned on doing as a kid, this thought had never struck me before that night but, it did that night because I had gone to bed thinking about which career is for me. I was so tired of the constant pressure and doing what I didn’t want to and then doing what I shouldn’t do. I wanted to be content with myself, I wanted to be free. I still do.

And I thought of a plant.

This incident got me thinking that why don’t we all wish to be a plant?

No, I don’t mean photosynthetic.

But, just be.

To be self-satisfying, giving, just getting on with their own business.

If everyone is like a plant, there would be no war, people of different communities and ethnicity can live together and everyone would be so kind!


Like, a world full of Hufflepuffs!

(Honestly, world needs more Hufflepuffs)


Plants are almost like people.

They can be huge or tiny, with different shapes, sizes, colours.

Plant kingdom has some really wacky ones, too. The insectivores, for example.

Every plant is different, every plant has something special and every plant, like us humans, is capable of great things.


So it’s really not an unattainable feat to be like plants. If we do, we will finally achieve the long awaited world peace.


Don’t you think it would be perfect?


But of course, that is if you ignore the competition amongst different species, ability of few to prevent others from growing and/ or germinating and of course, parasites, weeds… Those little buggers are every where! Just waiting to strike. Waiting to create havoc.

Well, plants are just like humans.

Every community, every ecosystem has its good and bad. So, it would be wrong of me to say that plants are the best and humans are hopeless.

You can’t turn a blind eye towards one side and give a conclusion.

Do I still want to be a part of plant kingdom, even though it’s not that different from our world?

Yes. I still do.

Because plants are good at once thing that humans aren’t, they have balance.

There needs to be a balance between the productive and destructive elements and it is on the community to find this balance.

Good can not exist without bad. They have to co-exist. And humans have disrupted this balance for themselves and for every organism in existence.

My wish of literally being a plant is literally not possible. And it is selfish of me to consider running away from the problem at hand instead of facing it and trying to maintain the little balance that is left.

But I am lazy, and the prospect of getting out there in the world scares me.


I would rather be a plant.



So, what would you want to be? Does the future scare you, too?

Let me know!

Leave your comments, suggests, opinions below!

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