This Post Is Pointless

Hello Mindscapers!

It’s been exactly a month since my last post and also a month since my promise to myself to post daily. A promise which I obviously broke.


But better late than never, right?

I am back with a work I did months ago and I am very proud of.

I, in general am not a huge fan of my work. I never seem to reach my expectations and mess up a lot too esp. while working with paints so, when I end up making something good it’s a surprise for me.


Months ago, on my aunt’s request who has been a driving force for my art and crafts work, I drew my baby cousin’s portrait.


The medium I used was mediocre HP pencils on Printer paper. and this was the outcome…





This in my opinion is one of my best works. I spend immense time on detailing and the satisfaction I felt after completing was great.


What is the point of this post?

First, I have not posted much in the last few months so I needed a filler.

Second, I realized that I underestimate myself a lot. I want to get back to lead, graphite, paints and more along with textbooks and Journals.


Hoping to find a balance between my Hobby and my Passion. Let’s see how it goes!




You can check out my profile on Instagram, Facebook and more (Handles on the right side) where I am much more active.

Stick around and maybe hit the follow button for more from my Mindscape.


Have a great day!


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