I Would Rather Be…

As a college student, it isn’t surprising that I am almost always sleep deprived.

On one such night when I was in a semi-conscious state, floating amongst the clouds and worrying about my future that I suddenly said to myself, “I know what I want to be! I will be a plant. This is perfect” and believe me when I say this, I was genuinely relieved and happy for two whole seconds before I came to my senses by the sad realisation that I can never be a plant, and that I’ll probably die if I don’t sleep.


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This Post Is Pointless

Hello Mindscapers!

It’s been exactly a month since my last post and also a month since my promise to myself to post daily. A promise which I obviously broke.


But better late than never, right?

I am back with a work I did months ago and I am very proud of.

I, in general am not a huge fan of my work. I never seem to reach my expectations and mess up a lot too esp. while working with paints so, when I end up making something good it’s a surprise for me.


Months ago, on my aunt’s request who has been a driving force for my art and crafts work, I drew my baby cousin’s portrait.


The medium I used was mediocre HP pencils on Printer paper. and this was the outcome…


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