Hey, Sunshine…

Hello, Mindscapers…

It’s finally here! The card I have been talking about in my last two posts.

This Clean and Simple card, with sentiment and title “Hey, Sunshine” was inspired by  the current weather in Mumbai. It’s summer here, temperatures are reaching sky and I really, genuinely hate summer. I hate hating things so this card is a positive, fun take on the season.

Hey, sunshine

This post is going to be a tutorial. So, strap up and here are the things you will need:

  • Cardstock
  •  Plastic sheet (for the glasses in sunglasses)
  •  Permanent marker (NOT black colour it would make he ‘glasses’ opaque)
  •  A pair of scissors, Crafting Glue
  • Pencil, eraser, pens and more


To being:

Draw out the shape of the sunglasses you want. Carefully cut out the design and also the area where the glasses would be.

(NOTE: Try to use a design where the rim of the sunglasses are broad enough to stick the plastic)

Tutorial 1

Next, cut out the plastic bit larger than the required shape and size. try it against the sunglasses cut out to make sure it is of required size.

Tutorial 2

Once you are sure with the measurements, it’s time to colour.

For the sunglasses I used ink and later went with colour pencil over it for the pink cat-eye ones as I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. For the glasses, I used these crazy markers in colours red and blue.

Tutorial 3

These markers worked really well on the plastic (I was surprised) and I am going to be using these on media other than paper as they bleed terribly (Good I bought just two of these)


the markers


Once all the pieces have dried, glue them together.

This ends the making of the focal point.

Then all you have to do is adhere the sunglasses to the card using double sided, dimentioned tape.

Tutorial 4

Here, I have hand lettered the sentiment as I always do and inked it with Pigma Microns and Fine tip pen but, feel free to use stamps or anything that you can think of.

Tutorial 5

Take a good pic and you are done!



Before I go, I’ve put up this card in the following challenges:

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The Card Concept


Paru’s Card Marking Challenges: May Challenge


That’s all for today, don’t forget to leave your comments, opinions and suggestions down below.

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7 thoughts on “Hey, Sunshine…

  1. Great picture tutorial. I like how the sentiment and glasses harmonize. Thank you so much for posting this lovely creative art in the Word Art Wednesday Challenge #230-#231 – Anything Goes.
    Blessings, Carole


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