I drowned a Fish.

Hello, and welcome to Mindscape Diary!

Today on Mindscape Diary I am going to talk about how I drowned a Fish, yeah.

Oddly, while I am typing this the voice in my head is sounding like those overly expressive narrative voices, huh.

Anyways, moving on.

So a couple of weeks back we had this ‘Inspection’ thing in college and I was representing my department along with few of my batch-mates.

The department I was working with is called ‘Greenhouse Management’ and we had put up a display of plants and pots in our sazzy, slick lab.

I mean honestly, that lab is my aesthetic.

So there was this one installation where we had a fish bowl with fish in it and little aquatic plants floating over it. Quite pretty installation really, but one of the fish bowls had murky water and in the heat of wanting to make everything perfect, my instructor asked me and my friend to change the water.

Yeah, that’s a good starting to a very unfortunate story.


Me, a vegetarian with no experience of handling fishes, dead or alive and my dear friend, who can give you 20 ways to cook your fish but who apparently, is quite bad with animals jumped to this occasion like we were professionals.

Yup, professional screw-ups.

As many of you might have already guessed from the title that it didn’t end well for the fish.

We set out to look for beakers or whatever apparatus we could get our hands on to aid us but all we got was a measuring cylinder and a little funnel.

Flash forward and after lots of giggling and ‘planning’ we were able to remove almost all of the water from the bowl but not the fish or mysterious floating objects.

and that’s when the things started getting downhill.

I forced the fish out of the bowl and into the funnel not big enough to contain the fish even if it was dead, which it was not (yet) making it impossible for me to transfer it anywhere.

Then the ‘fighter fish’ (as the name goes) fought against us and landed in our huge basin. I frantically started trying to get it into the damn funnel (which didn’t work, so screw it!) and later went to war with the fighter fish bare handed.

Who knew fishes were so slippery?! It wriggled its way out of my hand and made a wonderful dive into the… sink.

That’s it, just gone like that.

I and my poor friend were literally just gawking at the sink hole for like a minute with our mouths open and hearts racing at the velocity of sound and with the same thought running inside our heads, “Dude we screwed up majorly.”

Luckily our instructor felt equally guilty and so decided on not telling our Head of Department who walked into the lab on cue.

But no such luck, we were outed by big mouths in our batch immediately.

Trust me, at that moment I really wished it was me going down the drain, not the fish.

God was either being extremely kind or our incident was stupid enough for the HOD to laugh it off. Either way, Death excused us that day.


But I could not say the same for the fish I drowned.


Here is an image of the fish.


R.I.P Fighter Fish.

You fought well.


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