Finding Heaven

Hello Human, Alien, Cyborg or whatever you identify yourself as.

Usually, I really try (and generally succeed) avoiding getting lost in thoughts about universe, future, afterlife and blah blah because it hurts my brain and makes me cry at times.

Like today, I planned a dozen things but ended up feeling sorry for myself and trying hard not to bawl my eyes out.


I dunno, don’t ask me.

But after binge watching Supernatural the whole day, I decided on writing down my latest conversation with myself so that I can look down at this post later someday  and have a major cringe fest.

(Hi Riya of future. Ssup?)

(Good thing that this blog has like zero views, will save me some embarrassment.)


You still here with me?

Good, moving on.

Yesterday, me and my good friend(?) were having a convo on some random topic and we ended up discussing our ideas on heaven.

This is how our conversation went,

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Resisting It!

Hello, Mindscapers!

This week I have been free.

Yeah. Surprise, surprise!

and so I decided on making a card.

As you might know, I browse different crafting blogs for themes and challenges because who doesn’t love a good challenge? and so, I came across this awesome challenge by Simon Says and dude I couldn’t not do it!

The challenge was to use ‘resist technique’.

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I drowned a Fish.

Hello, and welcome to Mindscape Diary!

Today on Mindscape Diary I am going to talk about how I drowned a Fish, yeah.

Oddly, while I am typing this the voice in my head is sounding like those overly expressive narrative voices, huh.

Anyways, moving on.

So a couple of weeks back we had this ‘Inspection’ thing in college and I was representing my department along with few of my batch-mates.

The department I was working with is called ‘Greenhouse Management’ and we had put up a display of plants and pots in our sazzy, slick lab.

I mean honestly, that lab is my aesthetic.

So there was this one installation where we had a fish bowl with fish in it and little aquatic plants floating over it. Quite pretty installation really, but one of the fish bowls had murky water and in the heat of wanting to make everything perfect, my instructor asked me and my friend to change the water.

Yeah, that’s a good starting to a very unfortunate story.

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