Working with Water


Recently, I have been feeling very artistic and my creative flare has been beyond bounds. This happens quite a lot when I need a break from college and when I’m ignoring my incomplete lab journal. :p

So this time I went exploring with various art forms. From sketching to sculpting and my favourite, painting with watercolours.

So this post is going to be a compilation of few off my many random watercolour projects.

I’ve only included completed projects.

So, lets go!


Starting with the recent ones..

I painted few watercolour scraps which could be used as bookmark

First up, Panda Love

panda love

Then I’ve ‘Bouquet’


A desert scene, with weirdly placed rabbit, ‘Prick’


And lastly, ‘Together We’

together we

Then I have something that I painted just before these bookmarks, one of my absolute favourites just because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to!

Colour Me Pink (Flamingo)


I can look at this all day! *sigh*

Before starting with Flamingo, I began with many many projects, which are of course, all incomplete.

So the next project was done months ago, I call it ‘Gemstones’.


I painted this as a cover page or dash board for my planner. This was done during the time when I was obsessed with drawing gemstones. (Throwback to my card ‘Love’ which was made on the same day as this one. My card too, features beautiful heart cut gemstone and watercolour technique.)

Here, I have hand drawn every single gem and painted the sheet with watercolour (wet on wet technique). I used a Hero arts stamp to stamp on the sentiment ” i treasure”


Hope you enjoyed this compilation.

All the projects posted here are scan copies of my 100% original artworks.

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I will soon be posting a part 2 of Working with Water.

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Lots of hugs.


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