A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

How have you been? How was your Christmas?

Huh, I guess I am pretty late. Its New Year’s eve.


Here is a card I made earlier this week for Christmas.

It’s called “Merry Christmas” (of course) and I have done something very special with it.

I haven’t used any stamps or colours but instead combined my two hobbies, Stitching and Card making, in this new technique…


I stitched on the focal design!

When I think about Christmas, I think about comfortably chilly December of Mumbai and soft woolens.

So, here is a Christmas tree stitched onto my card using yarn!


How did I do this?

Here is a tutorial!

Fantasia Painting(1)

  • Cardstock
  • Yarn (I’ve used 6 string, Synthetic wool. Colour: Deep Green)
  • Needle
  • Mat or Sponge to aid piercing the card
  • Emblishments
  • Stickles or other glitter glues
  • Pencils and all…


Step #1


Think about the occasion for which you are making the card. Also what design you want, how big or small and where the placement of that focal design will be.

After that, draw out an outline of the design. Like here, my focal point was a Christmas tree. So I drew out a narrow inverted ‘V’.

Remember, the lines are for reference only and you will need to erase it later so keep it light.

Then depending on your design decide the direction of your stitches if necessary.

Like what I have done here


Step #2

After planning and drawing, place a mat or hard sponge or an eraser beneath the card and carefully start making holes using the needle.

Tip: Make sure the holes aren’t placed too close together. You may end up tearing your card.

(Been there, done that 😀 )

Step #3

You may erase extra lines.

Now, Just thread your needle and you can start stitching!

Cut enough length of yarn. After treading the needle make a knot on just one end of the thread, not both.

Start stitching through the holes, starting from behind, anyway you want just make sure the front it pretty. So keep the knots and all on the other side of the card.


tutorial2(Starting stitch from the other side)


Now that you are done stitching, you can add embellishments and glitter and what not.

If you are stitching a tree like me, you can use brown yarn for stems and trunk.

Merry tree

And voila! That’s how you use stitches in making cards.


The sentiment “Merry Christmas” is written using micron pen. and that’s it!


Oh before I forget, I have participated for the following challenge:


Word Art Wednesday




I hope you like my post and found it helpful!

Try it and really easy!


Leave your comments, compliments and opinions below!

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I hope you had merriest Christmas and have a wonderful and happy New Year!


Wishing you my best!

See you soon in year 2016!



4 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas!

  1. This is GORGEOUS, Riya. I love everything about it, and I am most definitely going to try this. I really appreciate you sharing the entire process, cuz that will really help me recreate it. I most likely won’t do it until next winter. I hope I don’t lose these instructions, BEAUTIFUL card, Thanks so much for sharing your talents wtih us.
    Word Art Wednesday


  2. Wow, you are very good at stitching…I’d be afraid to see what it would look like if I tried that! (I need to update my progressive lenses…taking the glasses off and on is getting tiring!) Thanks for sharing the tutorial…you make it look easy! I love the added gems, Stickles, and shine. Thanks for joining in the MERRY fun at CASology…and Happy New Year!


  3. Rita, your little stitched tree is adorable and I love all the bling you’ve added to it! So fun! Thanks for playing along with CASology!


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