October Challenge (Part 2)

Hello Mindscaper!

Welcome to Mindscape Diary where I present to you (finally) the part two of The October Challenge.

For part 1 of the October Challenge (which you can view here) I posted 15 drawing and doodles I drew and coloured for the first 15 days of October for this fun colouring challenge by Kathy Rac.


[@/kathyrac (Instagram)] [Blog: The Daily Marker ]

Under the hashtag #thedailymarker30day3


I was very active and posted a project Every. Single. Day.

until the very last four days where I was on a road trip and didn’t get any time or network to post.


But anyhow! Here are the remaining doodles from the October Challenge.

All images are from my Instagram account @/riyadani be sure to check it out!


Here we go…


Day 16


You can mark this day as the day I sacrificed  my soul to ‘Supernatural’.

This is the day (Night, actually) when I began watching the show, ‘Supernatural’ which by the way is super amazing. So this and few of the following doodles were inspired by the show.

Day 17



This character from Greek mythology has always fascinated me. I somehow can’t help but pity her. Its always the mortal who gets harmed in a tiff between gods.

P.S.: You can look at her, I didn’t draw her eyes so you won’t turn into stone.

Day 18

Pins and pain

I like to call this drawing ‘Pins and Pains’

Its an old, ragged voodoo doll with pins pierced through. I really like this one.

Halloween-y enough?

Day 19

Wanna play with me?

“Wanna Play With Me?”

I have always found spirits or other supernatural beings in kid’s form much more creepier and down right scarier than any other bunch. This little girl is part of my personal nightmare.

Honestly, I couldn’t draw her as creepy as I wanted to.

Day 20

Jeffina the killer

Effeminate Jeff the killer.

I guess if Jeff decided to be a girl, he can call himself Jeffina.

Jeffina the Killer. I like it!

Day 21


Drawn on 4cm wide piece of sandpaper, is the result of my insomnia caused by books. Addiction to reading has its perks.

Day 22


‘Oh My Pixels!’ (WIP) (#1)

Inspired by our self induced doom, technology. Every day I notice the ill effects technology is causing to me and others around but each day we all move a step closer to pixels. (Synecdoche to technology)

Day 23


‘Oh My Pixels!’ (WIP) (#2)

This project was done using watercolour pencils and took so much time!

Day 24


‘Oh My Pixels!’ (WIP) (#3)

Almost done.

Day 25


‘Oh My Pixels!’ (Complete)

For some reason the pictures started getting all blurry on uploading which really really sucked.

Here is a scan copy of ‘Oh My Pixels!’

Oh My Pixels

Day 26


Well, Lips.

(The day I hit the road)

Day 27

Pixeled pride

I was still into pixels and was in Pride mood.

This was my last post for the October Challenge.

Well, fellas that is all I did for the month of October. Yes, I missed Halloween Special. I had this great idea which is still ‘Work In Progress’ after almost two months. *sigh*


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