Lost And Found

Hello there!

Welcome to Mindscape Diary, my blog and a place where I talk about things on my mind, usually.

Couple of months ago I lost my Diary.

I am not very regular when it comes to writing in my diary so I didn’t notice that my diary was missing sooner.

Losing my diary made me realise how very absent minded I am and finding it confirmed my doubts about my sanity…

Yes I found it. How? Where? After almost two months of losing it?

Well, to answer that, I decided I should share my last Diary entry. Word to Word.



So here  is what I wrote as soon as I found my Diary.


08/12/2015                                                                              Tuesday

Hey Diary. 

It’s almost 3 months since I last …

What is it called? Post? Update? Holy fudge the technology is messing with me. Entry! Since my last entry!


This pen is terrible… Wait up…


Brown pen it is…

Okay so why didn’t I write anything in 3 months?

Besides me procrastinating and college & exams?

I lost you…

Like literally.

I was cleaning my shelf which is literally once in a millennium.

*Kills Self*

Okay. Sorry.


I was cleaning my shelf which is, figuratively, once a millennium and accidentally, I put you in wrong stash. After few weeks when I actually want to write in you I couldn’t find you and I rake my brain and figure that the “wrong stash” could have been the one meant to be recycled. Me and Pruthvi [My younger brother] looked everywhere and also asked the guy who had collected the waste papers just a day prior.

He said that he did see the book I was describing but that it was long sent off to the paper mill.

Pathological liar was he?

But I finally found you!

I did keep you in the wrong stash, yeah. The stash with blank books and pages. So all this time you were in my drawer!

I was feeling so stupid and so guilty when I thought I had lost you to a paper masher machine.


Oops! sorry!

That’s certainly not what happens to a book in recycling division you know… )_)

So anyways I open the drawer to look for a blank book to replace you and I found, you…


Tomorrow, I have final practical examination,  for greenhouse management, the course I paid for to be tortured

I don’t even know what to expect or even the timing of the exam!

Also, my journal is incomplete as always so I gotta go…

Also, I still can’t fit into my clothes. This weighty issue is depressing.

I need chips.


Until Later.

1429 hrs.

Riya Dani

P.S.: Skipped college again.




So yeah that was my diary entry.

If you are reading this, I don’t believe I posted this!

Gonna regret doing this someday.


uhg, Whatever.


Thanks for stopping by and reading me talking with myself about myself to internet.

Kids these days. *sighs*



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Are you or do you know someone absent minded and careless?

If so, comment your story below…


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Have a nice day.



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