A Very Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

How have you been? How was your Christmas?

Huh, I guess I am pretty late. Its New Year’s eve.


Here is a card I made earlier this week for Christmas.

It’s called “Merry Christmas” (of course) and I have done something very special with it.

I haven’t used any stamps or colours but instead combined my two hobbies, Stitching and Card making, in this new technique…

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Wanna Play?

Hello Mindscapers!

So, so, so…

After four long months yesterday I decided to participate in Card making challenges.

So here it is!


This card, called “Wanna Play?”, is the cutest thing I have come up with yet. Here you can see this cutest little pup, wagging its tail and playing with its Toy.

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October Challenge (Part 2)

Hello Mindscaper!

Welcome to Mindscape Diary where I present to you (finally) the part two of The October Challenge.

For part 1 of the October Challenge (which you can view here) I posted 15 drawing and doodles I drew and coloured for the first 15 days of October for this fun colouring challenge by Kathy Rac.


[@/kathyrac (Instagram)] [Blog: The Daily Marker ]

Under the hashtag #thedailymarker30day3


I was very active and posted a project Every. Single. Day.

until the very last four days where I was on a road trip and didn’t get any time or network to post.


But anyhow! Here are the remaining doodles from the October Challenge.

All images are from my Instagram account @/riyadani be sure to check it out!


Here we go…

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Lost And Found

Hello there!

Welcome to Mindscape Diary, my blog and a place where I talk about things on my mind, usually.

Couple of months ago I lost my Diary.

I am not very regular when it comes to writing in my diary so I didn’t notice that my diary was missing sooner.

Losing my diary made me realise how very absent minded I am and finding it confirmed my doubts about my sanity…

Yes I found it. How? Where? After almost two months of losing it?

Well, to answer that, I decided I should share my last Diary entry. Word to Word.


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