What should I be? Doctor or engineer?

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There are few things going on in my mind from past few days and its related to serious topics of stress, depression and mysteries of future.
While I was thinking on it and typing another post which happens to be on stress ( which you can view here) I couldn’t help but laugh at the Indian mentally when it comes to education.
Every parent wants his or her child to study in best school.
But many parents want their kids to study in best school which is better than that neighborhood kid, Rahul.

When I walk to my college, I have to cross a school and thus I find many little kids barely reaching my waist running around with little backpacks.
You can’t help but smile. I can’t help but frown, cause I realize that in coming years these kids will be nothing like what they are now. The text books and tests will take away their laughter and soon enough their parents will start comparing them with each other, forcing their child to compete against their friends cause well life is tough and you have to be best no matter what.
I pity these kids when I see them and wish sincerely that by some miracle their childhood is saved and they remain as happy and innocent as they are now for as long as they live.
The reason I wish this is cause by the time you complete 10 years of your formal education, the only thing that will matter are grades.
Your grade sheet will decide what your interests should be, what you will study, which college you will go in, what your course will be and what you are suppose to do with the rest of your life.
Score 90% or above, you have to take admission in some science institute.
The people around, parents and teachers, won’t give a rat’s ass that you have got no interest in science.
Lower than that, say about 70%, you go for commerce.
because you wont get admission in any science college.
and even lower than that?
well you are disgrace to family, and you will be further disgrace as your only option is arts.
This seems to be a general mind set of people these days.
My story?
I was born in a particularly weird family.
Where my dad would have been really content if I would have opted for commerce cause he is really good at it.
My mom and my aunt believe I could have done really good in arts too.
and me? I am in love with science.
So I went for science and my parents have been nothing less than supportive.
If you are here to read about the unique tradition which goes on in every house where a poor little soul in grade 12th lives… (as said in my post “Stress”)
here is what I meant by it
Once you get admission in science course (every parents’ dream), you have many options about what you want to do with your life. You can be a doctor, an engineer or some thing “which will hopefully get you money because we are not going to sit here your whole life feeding you.”
After grade 12th, almost 50% students try for medical colleges (for which they have to appear for an insanely mind numbing entrance exam) and other 50% try for engineering college (after almost equally insane entrance exam).
Usually medical students who can not crack entrance test in first go, tries again the next year. And if possible even the year after that. If nothing works out, they try for engineering (yes, back up option for many probable future doctors is engineering).
Engineers usually get admission somewhere. The college may be on other planet for all we know but its easier to get admission for engineering as we have ample of “private colleges”.
and if you are determined to be a total disgrace to family, (because you didn’t get admissions in respectable institutes for “respectable” courses) you go and “waste your life” by getting a bachelor’s degree in some “almost respectable subject which can at-lest get you a job” .
 But then again there are rare creatures like me. I have never had any idea about what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I still have not freaking clue what I am going to do with my life. But I sure as hell knew I didn’t want to practice medicine or become an engineer. I was pretty sure since I was in 8th grade that Bachelor of Science (BSc.) is what I want to do. And luckily I’ve really great parents who have supported me in my decisions so yes I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Botany.
Honestly, this thing is so out of bounds that once when I visited this person to get admission in their “classes” ( for extra aid without which it is believed you can never pass the 12th level) the first thing he asked me wasn’t my name.
The first thing he asked me was, “So what are you going for? Medical and engineering?”
Neither, I said
“No I am serious, based on that I will give you your fee structure.”
But I wanna go for BSc.
*Long Silence*
Cause I wanna be a naturalist or zoologist (Now I want to be Botanist)
“Well okay. But you should try for medical first. At lest give the entrance exam. If it doesn’t work out, go for BSc. That option is always open”
(I am literally rolling my eyes right now.)
So anyways I disagreed and after a long discussion I was put into the “Medical Batch” as I was eventually gonna go for biological sciences.
So even though I wasn’t trying to get admission in professional course and thus didn’t have to give any extra entrance exam and also I had added benefit of unorthodox parents, still grade 12th was in no way easy.
You may get out of the 12th grade alive but your soul dies.
I’m serious!
Only recently did I began drawing and writing again.
Before 12th grade I was into poetry and fiction writing and what not. Nothing big but satisfying.
Post 12th, for more than a year, I couldn’t just sit at a place to catch up on some shows because I used to get this feeling that my exams are on and I am wasting my time.
In all honesty, 12th ruined me in all ways possible.
Even now I need to have a task at hand. I need to keep my mind occupied every single waking minute or it feels as if I am going crazy.
If you can relate to this piece of my mindscape, just remember that excellence in what you do is necessary but living, not just surviving, is much more important.
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