October Challenge (Part 1)

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How are you?!

October is officially over but my head is still stuck in March.
This year flew by quicker than an electron! ( Which takes less than 18 seconds to get around the globe.)

Anyhow, my last post was almost three months back and that’s crazy! I had my exams and all yeah but I have my Vacations now (kind of) and I am here, procrastinating.

But I have been super active on Instagram and have been passionately posting drawings and colouring projects for this very amazing 30 Day Colouring Challenge by The Daily Marker  (Instagram: @/kathyrac)

I, till date, have never completed any task without rushing or with satisfaction. My room, art journal and computer is full of incomplete projects, drawings and articles. So this time I challenged myself to colour and post something every single day of October. I had it all planned but of course its me so I ended up missing last four days of October! I missed Halloween!

but here are drawing/doodles i did for #thedailymarker30day3

Day 1



Day 2

Day2 Girl with Flowers


Day 3

Day3 Mendigo

Inspired by Mendigo.

A Lumberjack from Fablehaven world by Brandon Mull.

Day 4

Day4 Prof. McGonagall

For 4th of October I drew a Witch’s hat…

because it was professor McGonagall’s birthday!

She is one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter series.

Day 5

Day5 Flamingo

Me and my aunt were discussing Flamingos, so here is a flamingo!

I used Prisma colours for this one.

Day 6

Day6 Starry night

I began drawing and colouring a very famous painting by
Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night, using oil pastels #WIP

Day 7

Day7 Starry night

Starry Night. #WIP

Day 8

Day 8 Exam time creative

My exams were on during the first two weeks of October. So I’ve used alot of random school stationery.

Like here, I drew and coloured flowers on my eraser using colourful ballpoint pens.

Day 9

day9 highlight flowers

and here, I used my highlighters and pen to doodle flowers along the edge of my notes.

Day 10

day10 girl with blue hair

The next day I used my blue, pink and red ballpoint pens to draw a girl with blue hair.

I was Honestly losing my mojo here.

Day 11

day11 brunette

For the 11th day of October, I began drawing a Brunette using ballpoint pen. #WIP

Day 12

day12 brunette

I completed drawing her the next day.

Day 13

day13 starry night

Did a bit more of Starry Night.

Day 14

day14 flowers

I was then experimenting with Watercolour Pencils and came up with these flowers.

Day 15

day15 pumpkins

On Day 15 I realized we had 15 Day until Halloween!!

So drew a very Halloween-y drawing… Jack-O-Lanterns!

So these were the 15 things I Drew and Doodled for first 15 days of October.

All images here were taken from my Instagram account. You can click here to check it out.

In one of my coming blogs I will post the remaining drawings I drew for the 30 day colouring challenge.

Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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Have a fun day 🙂


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