Hi and Welcome to Mindscape Diary!

On my break from college I made one more card. I call this card “Oops!”.

(You can view my other card here)

Oops! is a funny card showing a little girl in ponytails climbing over a wall. This naughty girl’s idea of fun is sabotaged after an adult catches her red handed. To this her reaction is “Ooo… Ooo…” (Which I think is too cute!)


What I really liked about this card is the girl’s reaction, the way the wall has come up and her ponytails! I think its just super adorable!

I’ve just stamped in the sentiment. The girl, the wall, the thought bubble and everything was drawn from scratch and coloured using Prisma Colour Pencils by me. Sometimes I prefer drawing over stamping cause I am able to express myself in a better way. I have also kept this card very Clean and Simple.


This card was  such fun to make and I know it will always make me smile.

I hope it was equally amusing for you.

I’ve linked this Eye Popping card for following Challenges:

CASology Challenge

Word Art Wednesday


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