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I’ve had a crazy week. I skipped my college today as I was suffering from Monday blues. Literally. And what do I do when I skip┬ámy college? I go creative!

So today I made this fun glittery card with warm colors to comfort me on this cold rainy day. I call it “Heartfelt Thanks”.


For a change, I am going to write the post as a step by step tutorial of this card.

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Hi and Welcome to Mindscape Diary!

On my break from college I made one more card. I call this card “Oops!”.

(You can view my other card here)

Oops! is a funny card showing a little girl in ponytails climbing over a wall. This naughty girl’s idea of fun is sabotaged after an adult catches her red handed. To this her reaction is “Ooo… Ooo…” (Which I think is too cute!)


What I really liked about this card is the girl’s reaction, the way the wall has come up and her ponytails! I think its just super adorable!

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