Sail Away…


I have been very busy with my college and was pretty bored with lectures and exams. So at the first opportunity I sat down with my crafting materials to make something.

I was really excited about this card and had ideas buzzing in my mind!

 Sail Away

 I named this card ‘Sail Away’. As the  name suggests the theme is “Nautical”.

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So Thankful

Hey Guys! So I made this beautiful card that I am very proud of. I named it “So Thankful” and also stamped on the same sentiment. So Thankful This card of mine is inspired by Mother Nature. I’ve painted four season ( from left to right: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) with Water Colours such that it appears that we are looking outside the window where each panel shows a season. The branch which is present outside the window blossoms in Spring, has flowers in full bloom in Summer, sheds its leaves in Autumn and is barren in Winter. So Thankful This is a rather poetic card and my way of thanking Nature for its beauty and wonders. It is also a reminder to people to realize what all are we losing gradually. Here, I’ve used my favorite product, Water Colours by Camel, and also my favorite technique, that is painting.

This card, for me, is important as it represents our pure, peaceful and beautiful childhood. It reminds me of all giggles and fun we seem to lose with time. But as the plant blooms again in Spring, we too with help of our family, bloom again.

Yes, yes too poetic! But I hope you liked and enjoyed my post.

I’ve put up this card for following challenges…

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