Welcome to my blog, Mindscape Diary!

Mindscape: A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination

Hello stranger!

This blog is a glimpse of my world.
My thoughts, my views, ideas and stories with a sprinkle of art here and there!
Currently, I am doing Masters’ in Botany while juggling my many interests and hobbies.
I am quite average in most aspects. A twenty something, obsessed with fantasy and fiction. Harry Potter is my life line. Anime, Manga and asian dramas are my drugs.
I am a language fanatic (My goal is to be a polyglot) with deep love for all things “Art” (Drawing, paintings, movies, music) but to be honest, I am too distracted to stick to one thing which makes me a classic case of “Jack of all trades but Master of none.”
I dunno when I am gonna update this post again, but currently I am obsessed with:
Harry Potter (That is my forever)
Anime and Manga (Also forever)
Korean (and other Asian) dramas
K-Pop (SEVENTEEN is love)
80’s J-Pop
and Other Oldies from other languages
Jazz Covers (Just getting into it)
Twenty-one Pilots (All time fav)
BL series (Yes, yes. You can judge my Fujoshi heart)
Volleyball! (Thanks to Haikyuu! but honestly Volleyball is such an amazing sport.)
I enjoy discussing Politics, Art, Economy, Society and Religion, and Environment. But I rarely come across people who are actually interested in these topics instead of who-did-what.
Ohh, I am so cultured. ( :p )
I am open to new interests so if you are reading this for whatever reason, feel free to suggest things you think I should try out.
Also, I don’t think anybody is ever gonna read this post, so I’ll take a risk.
I am Bisexual (Shhh! Don’t out me.)
LMAO this sounds so childish, now I really hope no one reads this.
You can also email me or leave a comment.
Contrary to what people I know irl believe, I enjoy talking to new people so please do text me even if you just want to be a Grammar Nazi (which I am cool with)
Either way, have a great day. I hope you enjoyed your stay here, in my Mindscape.